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M5 Steel manufactures sheet metal products for the construction industry. We supply general sheet metal, roofing, heating and air conditioning products and custom fabricated products. We have over 50 roll forming machines that allow us to make our products in long lengths. Our specialty department can fabricate just about anything that you need on your job.

If We Can’t Make It, You Don’t Need It.

The purpose of a gutter system is to help control the flow of rainwater from your roof to the ground. M5 makes all types of Rain Gutter & Downspouts; Half Round, K-Stly (OG) , Facia, Custom 1/4 Roound and our own M5 Gutter. Most Gutters are available in long lenghts.

M5 manufactures all kinds of Downspouts and Elbows. We have 2 x 3, 3 x 4, 4 x 6, 2" round, 3" round, 4" round, most are available in long lenghts and any material.

A Coping System is one of several roof edge system designs to choose from. There are a number of systems that offer attractive, wind and water resistant, agency approved, factory produced systems. These systems are included in the roof systems guarantees offering edge-to-edge single source responsibility.

Fixed Blade Louvers are designed for vertical wall installation. Louvers allow air movement and combustion release to the attic and wall space. Standard Louvers come with 1/4" insect screen.

Dormer Vents All-Pitch design allows air movement and combustion release in conjuction with a balanced attic cavity ventilating system.

M5 manufactures  a large selection of leader and conductor heads. Aluminum, galvanized, boderized and copper leader heads are available in different styles and sizes for all styles and sizes of gutter systems for flat wall, inside corner and outside corner mounting. Custom styles and sizes of leader heads are also available. Gutter leader heads provide a functional and decorative enhancement to your gutter system.

M5 Chimney Tops are hand crafted that complient a broad range of architecural styles. Each design can be sized and ordered from a variety of metals.

Our roofing products are manufactured with Full 70% PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) or Kynar 500® or Hylar® 5000 or Fluropon® reflective pigments,

M5 stocks all Stick Flashing, Z-Bar, "W" Valley, Drip Edge, Diato Deck, Angle, Gravel Guard, Tile Pan, Roof to Wall, Water Table, Base Screed, Eave Riser, Bird Stop and Reglet Flashings.

We can make anything you can draw in any material. 

M5 manufacures all the Reglet Flashings. We stock the Snap in Type and the Clip Type Reglet System. All the Reglet we fabricate is made from G90 Galvanized Steel.

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T-Tops are designed for pitched roof installation. T-Tops allows air movement and combustion release in combustion with attic cavity ventilation systems. T-Tops are available in Galvanized, Zincalume and  Soft Aluminum for "S" Tile roofs. All Steel Cone and Top with a Die Formed hard or Sof Aluminun Base. Base has a 1/2" Internal Lip to Prevent Leakage. T-tops are available with 1/4" screen and or End Caps on request.

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